Notable Press & Media Events 

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Disruption, Innovation, and Growth (DIG) founder, Carolyn Van caught-up with Executive Director Vanessa Ling Yu to discuss her work through the
#PuttingRaceOnTheTable Campaign in partnership with caterToronto and Justice for Migrant Workers as a part of their month-long global Food Solutions Hack-a-thon. 

In 2018, One of caterToronto's very own, Banglar Saad, got featured in the CBC by Food Writer Suresh Doss to explore the history of Regent Park, the importance of our catering network, and the power of good Bengali food. 

Jess from the FoodStuffs podcast sat down with Executive Director Vanessa Ling Yu on demystifying the process of starting a small food business for Torontonians experiencing marginalization in the city. 

During Labour Day 2020, caterToronto partnered with Justice for Migrant Workers to bring the Migrant Workers' Day of Digital Action campaign to bring awareness to the impacts of COVID-19 on migrant workers in Ontario.

The Racist Sandwich team sits down with Hywel Tuscano - Nish Dish, Paul Taylor - FoodShare Toronto, and Vanessa Ling Yu - caterToronto, to talk about critical food justice and its many, critical intersections with race, class, and gender in Toronto's food scene.  

The Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) introduced the Food by Ward program in 2016 by the City of Toronto to outline present food assets existing throughout the city with a reception of over 100 community food champions, including caterToronto who helped to cater this monumental event. 

Executive Director Vanessa Ling Yu sits down with HuffPo to talk about the impacts of growing up in her family-run food restaurant in Nova Scotia, CA on her present activism and social enterprise work through caterToronto.

In 2017, the question of approaching "ethnic cuisines" ethically was explored in the Globe & Mail, and our Executive Director Vanessa Ling Yu was asked to provide her perspective as one of Toronto's leading food sector professionals. 

The Toronto Star documented Exec. Director Vanessa Ling Yu advocating for the removal of “Chinese-style foods” as a potential cause of food poisoning from rice in the Food Handler Certification online training manual as it was the only race and ethnic specific cooking reference in the 71-page manual, published in 2004.