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We’re Hiring!

caterToronto recognizes that our kitchen staff are an integral part of our team. We are seeking three (3) kitchen assistants to support our work at FLIP (Food Innovation Learning Place) Kitchens, including BAD food and programs linking foodservice to food security, food justice, and food sovereignty. These are unique roles in that we are looking for people who are adaptive and thrive in community and commercial food settings, enjoy a balance of working with food through your hands, head, heart, and will assist with the creation and maintenance of an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment at FLIP Kitchens. You will be a part of a growing team that is supportive, motivated, talented, and multi-faceted. There’s loads to do, so we’re pacing for the long run together... perhaps with you?!

See the full job posting here: caterToronto's Job Posting for Kitchen Assistant - April 15, 2022. Applications must be received by 11:59pm EST on April 20, 2022.

Please also share with someone who you know will be a great candidate or support a friend/parent/partner/neighbour with their application.

[Image of caterToronto's current team - 2022]

We try to always intentionally embrace diversity on the caterToronto team.

And sometimes we actually embrace in hugs!

But only with consent when hugging, which is optional - not a job requirement :)

Here's the job posting again:

caterToronto's Job Posting for Kitchen Assistant - April 15, 2022

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