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“Why is it that the people working most directly with food 

- hands and elbows deep! - 

are the most overlooked and underpaid members of society?” 

Vanessa Ling Yu - Executive Director, caterToronto 

caterToronto is a neighbourhoods-based organization focused on growing inclusive, local food economies. We are currently transitioning to a charity model after operating as a non-profit and social enterprise network for over 6 years. We have worked with racialized women and partners across Toronto to create diverse, dignified, and delicious eats!

With the mission to cultivate better social and economic food system connections, caterToronto has worked on integrating affordable and accessible kitchen space, foodservice industry training and technical assistance, as well as feasible and feast-able market opportunities!

However, with an increased interest in and need for food sovereignty, food security, food justice, and anti-racist food work, as well as a need to build organizational and financial sustainability, caterToronto is evolving its organizational structure in order to thrive as a significant food organization committed to advocating for dignified food work and addressing critical gaps in the food justice movement in Toronto.

we must believe in ourselves, and we cannot do this without others. 

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caterToronto connects with our peers and partners in creating a better food system for all. As we continue to emphasize dignified food work, our goal is to shift away from precarity and thrive as a significant food organization committed to address critical gaps in the food justice movement in the city. 


Dishing Up Toronto 2020

TWM dumpling poster.png

Dishing Up Toronto (DUT) is a collaborative program by the Toronto Ward Museum, Culinaria Research Centre at the University of Toronto, and caterToronto.

In 2018, DUT featured the live and lively event: "Catering A Legacy," a celebration of WOC caterers.


In December 2020, DUT went virtual with Exec. Director Vanessa Ling Yu's sharing a home-made dumpling recipe as a cook-along, and insights on the impacts of people, places, and policies on culturally appropriate and commercially available foods.